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Dr. Ron Cottle's teaching style has been described as "scholarship on fire." Now you can experience it through his books, audio and video messages. Learn more about Dr. Cottle.

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2014 RCM/ACTS Schedule

ACTS Summit

Please call (706)256-0100 for more information. 

April 26, 2014-Savannah, Georgia area

May 3, 2014-Raleigh, North Carolina area

Releasing the Writer in You

Writing Seminar

Taught byWendy K. Walters

May 5-7, 2014

$299 per person

Limited to 20 people – Register today!

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Dr. Cottle unlocks the mysteries of Biblical languages.

With his unique, easy-to-understand teaching style, Dr. Ron Cottle guides you through courses in Lexical Greek and Hebrew. Understanding these languages will shine a new light on the study of God's Word.

Dr. Cottle unlocks the mysteries of Biblical languages

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